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  1. Create Slack Application using 1
  2. Once application is created navigate to Enter OAuth & Permissions 2
  3. Click Permissions under Add features and functionality section and add chat:write:bot scope. To use the optional username and icon overrides in the Slack notification service also add the chat:write.customize scope. 3
  4. Scroll back to the top, click 'Install App to Workspace' button and confirm the installation. 4
  5. Once installation is completed copy the OAuth token. 5

  6. Create a public or private channel, for this example my_channel

  7. Add your bot to this channel otherwise it won't work
  8. Store token in argocd_notifications-secret Secret
apiVersion: v1
kind: Secret
  name: argocd-notifications-secret
  slack-token: <auth-token>
  1. Finally use the OAuth token to configure the Slack integration in the argocd-notifications-secret secret:
apiVersion: v1
kind: ConfigMap
  name: argocd-notifications-cm
  service.slack: |
    apiURL: <url>                 # optional URL, e.g.
    token: $slack-token
    username: <override-username> # optional username
    icon: <override-icon> # optional icon for the message (supports both emoij and url notation)
  1. Create a subscription for your Slack integration:
kind: Application
  annotations: my_channel


Notification templates can be customized to leverage slack message blocks and attachments feature.

The message blocks and attachments can be specified in blocks and attachments string fields under slack field: |
  message: |
    Application {{}} sync is {{.app.status.sync.status}}.
    Application details: {{.context.argocdUrl}}/applications/{{}}.
    attachments: |
        "title": "{{}}",
        "title_link": "{{.context.argocdUrl}}/applications/{{}}",
        "color": "#18be52",
        "fields": [{
          "title": "Sync Status",
          "value": "{{.app.status.sync.status}}",
          "short": true
        }, {
          "title": "Repository",
          "value": "{{.app.spec.source.repoURL}}",
          "short": true