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Argo CD Notifications continuously monitors Argo CD applications and provides a flexible way to notify users about important changes in the application state. Using a flexible mechanism of triggers and templates you can configure when the notification should be sent as well as notification content. Argo CD Notifications includes the catalog of useful triggers and templates. So you can just use them instead of reinventing new ones.

Getting Started

  • Install Argo CD Notifications
kubectl apply -n argocd -f
  • Install Triggers and Templates from the catalog
kubectl apply -n argocd -f
  • Add Email username and password token to argocd-notifications-secret secret
export EMAIL_USER=<your-username>
export PASSWORD=<your-password>
kubectl apply -n argocd -f - << EOF
apiVersion: v1
kind: Secret
  name: argocd-notifications-secret
  email-username: $EMAIL_USER
  email-password: $PASSWORD
type: Opaque
  • Register Email notification service
kubectl patch cm argocd-notifications-cm -n argocd --type merge -p '{"data": {"": "{ username: $email-username, password: $email-password, host:, port: 465, from: $email-username }" }}'
  • Subscribe to notifications by adding the annotation to the Argo CD application or project:
kubectl patch app <my-app> -n argocd -p '{"metadata": {"annotations": {"":"<my-channel>"}}}' --type merge

Try syncing and application and get the notification once sync is completed.

Kustomize Getting Started

The argocd-notification manifests can also be installed using Kustomize. To install argocd-notifications, we recommend using the remote kustomize resource:

kind: Kustomization

namespace: argocd


Helm v3 Getting Started

argocd-notifications is now on Helm Hub as a Helm v3 chart, making it even easier to get started as installing and configuring happen together:

helm repo add argo
helm install argo/argocd-notifications --generate-name -n argocd -f values.yaml

notifiers: |
    username: $email-username
    password: $email-password
    port: 465
    from: $email-username

    email-username: <your-username>
    email-password: <your-password>

templates: |
      subject: New version of an application {{}} is up and running.
    message: |
      {{if eq .serviceType "slack"}}:white_check_mark:{{end}} Application {{}} is now running new version of deployments manifests.
  trigger.on-deployed: |
    - description: Application is synced and healthy. Triggered once per commit.
      oncePer: app.status.operationState.syncResult.revision
      - app-deployed
      when: app.status.operationState.phase in ['Succeeded'] and == 'Healthy'

For more information or to contribute, check out the argoproj/argo-helm repository.